Child Support

Child support is a concern of many parents who are filing for divorce or are seeking financial help from the child’s estranged parent—and rightfully so. It takes a lot to raise a child, both physically and mentally, but beyond that, raising a child requires adequate finances, too. From food and clothing to medical care and daily expenses, supporting a child can be expensive, but even so, no parent should have to struggle to provide and care for their little ones—and we help make sure of it.

At Wiseman Legal Group, we offer expert child support law services to Albuquerque parents and guardians, and fight to ensure they receive fair compensation. Knowledgeable in New Mexico laws and court systems, our team of attorneys guides you through the process, from filing a motion for child support to presenting your case to the court. You and your child deserve support—let Wiseman Legal Group help you get it.

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ABQ Child Support Law Process

Most child support cases are included in a divorce proceeding, or can otherwise be instated with a petition or motion. The judge will consider a number of parental factors to determine proceedings and calculate an appropriate amount, including: 

  1. The gross income of both parents.
  2. The amount a parent has to pay. 
  3. When the payments are to be made. 
  4. Who will receive the payment.
  5. And more. 

Additionally, the judge will consider the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines, which outline fair financial help. 


Support for You & Your Child

While you fight to get financial support for your child, Wiseman Legal Group proudly offers support to you, the parent! From determining your rights to pursuing legal action, we’re here to help you help your child. New Mexico’s leading child support services are just a call away! Reach out to us today at (505) 539-5482 for a consultation and discover how we can help your family obtain financial support.


Our Promise to You

You are our top priority. We will leave no stone unturned and will prioritize communication with you so you will always know what is happening with your case. You will get the justice that you deserve.

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