Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce case, you are able to negotiate and determine the terms of condition in a variety of situations, including distribution of assets and properties, child custody, child support, and beyond—without ever appearing before a judge. Alongside you, the client, our lawyers will advise you on the best course of action, ensuring you obtain favorable results.

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Contested Divorce or Uncontested Divorce?

Are you wanting to separate from your spouse but aren’t sure which type of divorce you benefit most from? Our team of uncontested divorce attorneys have successfully represented individuals in both contested and uncontested divorce cases, and are here to help you do the same. Schedule a consultation today and call Wiseman Legal Group at (505) 539-5482.


Uncontested Divorce Lawyers ABQ

While most couples pursuing a divorce can’t agree on anything, some couples may be able to agree on all divorce-related issues—resulting in an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce is often easier than a contested divorce because the absence of bitterness and blame allows couples to reach a settlement outside a court. Couples are in control of their situation and outcome rather than having it be determined by a judge. The results are often more favorable, and overall, the process is easier.

Decisions made during a divorce are extremely important. Be confident about yours when you choose Wiseman Legal Group.

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You are our top priority. We will leave no stone unturned and will prioritize communication with you so you will always know what is happening with your case. You will get the justice that you deserve.

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